Protecting our customers interest is the focus of our daily efforts.  We blend our technical knowledge with our business experience to create practical recommendations.  Our straight forward communication, coupled with our commitment to the customer, insures a satisfying business relationship.

Keeping Things in Perspective

All homes have problems.  The question is what and how serious are the problems.  We know the difference between serious and "not so serious" problems and will communicate the difference in negotiations.

We are sensitive to the emotions present during the transaction and know that the timely delivery of the message is as important as it's content.  When discussing problems, we will offer solutions and maintenance suggestions.  We will offer valuable information giving you greater confidence in negotiations.

A home inspection can help ease anxiety during the process of buying a home.

Your inspector will help you focus on the structure and operating systems of the home.  Recognizing structural problems before the deal will closes can limit the number of surprises you find after you have become the owner.

Your home inspection will consist of an unbiased visual examination of the property.  A highly qualified AHI inspector will scrutinize the structure and operating systems in your home.  Your inspector will cover more than four hundred checkpoints from the foundation to the roof.  These points include items in the exterior, interior, substructure, and roof of the house.  Your inspector will also examine the heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems.

AHI offers the unique opportunity to accompany your inspector during the home inspection.  This will enable you to learn more about the home.  As an added bonus, you will receive useful maintenance tips during the inspection that will help you limit wear on your home.