The slide show presentation will take you through the inspection process showing several areas of the property with a brief description of the home exam.

At America's Home Inspections we will provide you with an independent, unbiased, and professional assessment of the current condition of a home. You will receive an objective visual examination and report on the structure, components, and various systems within the home.

There's No Waiting for your Inspection Report! The report is computer generated on-site and is given to you immediately following the inspection. Includes digital photographs, detailed record of defects discovered and recommended solutions. Our narrative report can also be viewed via e-mail, if necessary. The report provides a clear, comprehensive and easy to understand review of the inspection.

The Buyers Home Inspection

This is a complete and thorough inspection of the home you are looking to purchase. You are our client and we will work for you as an experienced, non-bias professional looking out for your best interest. We can help reduce some of the stress and anxiety of the home buying process by exposing defects and other conditions in a home when there is still time to handle any found issues. America's Home Inspections can help bring to your attention unanticipated expenses during the first few years of ownership. Our home inspection will assist you in making a more informed decision on the purchase of your new home.

An inspection by America's Home Inspections will help reduce the risk of costly surprises with what is likely to be one of the largest purchase you will ever make. It helps you to make a more informed. more comfortable decision.