Info for the Prospective Buyer:  For your protection and the safety of the home inspector, answers to the following questions should be obtained from the property owner prior to your scheduled home inspection.  This disclosure form is not a substitute for and inspections, nor is it a warranty.

Questions for the Home Owner:  Your voluntary responses to the questions listed below will help the prospective home buyers with their buying plans and will help the inspector in evaluating his findings.  This disclosure form is not a warranty of the property either by you, (the seller) or by your real estate agent.

In addition to asking the right questions, you should visit the local building department and conservation commission and research the prior permit history for the property.  The information is public record and will inform you as to whether or not a building permit was issued for additions & renovations, and if local inspections were completed as required.

I suggest that you click and open the attached seller disclosure questions and research as many answers as possible prior to the inspection, and then bring the information with you for the home inspector to review.